Poker Run 2013

Weta gives BeachCats a Run for their Money (Literally)

5th September 2013


The local Weta had the best hand in the First Annual Hobie Fleet 32 Poker Run, a Straight.  The Hobie Fleet 32 of Virginia Beach, Virginia gracefully invited other multihulls to participate on this fun event.

As for weather, the event was a drag race from destination to destination with a 12-20 kots wind at about 45 degree angle from onshore to the beach and it was sunny. It was awesome. As for speed, the Weta hung in there with many of the BeachCats at 12 to 14 knots of speed at times (GPS). At those wind speeds some Beachcatters were very cautious as there were a lot of capsizing. However, the Weta was pushed to the limits with little danger of capsizes (although the bow went under a couple of times).   This speaks on the great Weta sailing manners.

(photo above is a stock photo - not from the regatta).