Labor Day Regatta on the Chesapeake Bay


10th September 2013

The Hobie Fleet 32 of Virginia Beach, Virginia gracefully invited Weta Sailors to participate in the Labor Day Regatta. This regatta was comprised of 2 distance round trip races; the Hampton Roads Challenge on Saturday and the Chesapeake Challenge on Sunday.

The Hampton Roads Challenge was a sail into the Chesapeake Bay while the Chesapeake Challenge was a cruise out, kissing the Atlantic Ocean and back. The conditions were perfect; southern winds from 15 to 19 knots and sunny.
The Wetas were screaming the whole time. My GPS showed that ~13 knots speed was happening often. During one race, the 2 boats did a broad reach together with the Gennys that covered 4 nm in about 20 min, while “surfing” large white-capping chop. It was pretty insane. Best of all the Weta was easily controllable and felt safe even on those wild conditions.

Ben taught me a lesson on Weta racing. This guy is fast!!  He won both races by significant margins.  In fact, he waited for me in some of the markers and still won. Since he was kind enough to wait, I took pictures of Ben’s “Gray Matter” with the Cape Henry Lighthouse in the background. A spectacular view there on the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay.

Ben, the Hobie Fleet 32 members/families, and I had an awesome time and we are looking forward to next year. Come on Wetas!!!  Mark your calendars!!!