2013 Swedish Weta Champs


September 16th 2013

Seven boats attended the Swedish Weta Championship that were sailied during two days on Lake Hjälmaren, at Hampetorp over August 31st and September 1st. The local sailing Club (Södra Hjälmarens Båtklubb) made a really good job and the course were of the AC type with a short reach from the start to the first mark, then a run and then a longer windward leg, a run to a gate and then a short reach back. We did one lap when the wind was weaker and two laps when the wind had picked up.

Before noon the first day, the wind was quite light but we had four races. After lunch the wind had picked up a little bit and yet three races were completed. For the next day three races were planned. The wind was very strong and gusty and you had to be concentrated not to capsize between the races! Two boats took the decision not to start and went back to shore before the start.

Personally, my strategy during the sunday was to make sure I would get around and get across the finish line, and I had three second places this day. Erik Törnqvist with boat 422 won all races the second day, but I took the overall win due to a consistent series including four wins day one.

Thanks to the Södra Hjälmarens Båtklubb for putting on some good racing!


1 Ulrich Lindberg
2 Erik Törnqvist
3 Niklas Waller
4 Mikael Wennergren
5 Leif Goldkühl
6 Rolf Karlsson
7 Dag Arvidsson

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