New Sponsor for WetaFest

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Weather Routing Inc. (WRI), is proud to be the Official Weather Provider for WetaFest!

WRI will be providing forecasts each day from 05 through 09 March, 2014. These forecasts will be available by visiting the link on the event's webpage, or by visiting this link. Weather maps and products specifically created for this event are also available at that link.

In addition, you can create your own complimentary trial account for, our supplemental online service, by visiting this link: This account will connect you with additional forecasting products and charts specific to WetaFest. Note that this trial does not include our customized forecasts for the event; please visit the above link for this.

About Weather Routing Inc. (WRI): WRI is the world leader in marine weather forecasting, providing forecasts and routing to a wide variety of clients, including: races, regattas, rallies, fishing tournaments, yachts, cargo ships, cruise lines, and marinas. All products are customized to each client and are produced by degreed and certified meteorologists with over a century of combined experience.

For more information on WRI's products, or if you have any questions about our services for this event, please email us at wri@..., phone us at +1-518-798- 1110, or visit our website at For more information on our supplemental website SeaWeather, please visit You are invited to follow us on Twitter @weatherrouting and on our Facebook Page.

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