Torbay Get Together


The king tide at Waiake beach didn't deter the nine keen Weta sailors who came out for some racing or some just for a blast from Torbay Sailing Club in Auckland on Sunday.

At 11am things did not look promising, but after a rigging and tuning session on the beach we went for a planned 1.30 start that had to be put back a little when the committee boat starting sinking! However the club volunteers rallied to get a start away from one of the ribs and by 2.30 we were racing in a beautiful strengthening sea breeze.

It was champagne sailing, sunny and warm and a steady 15 knots. Five of us raced on the same start and course as the Paper Tigers, when it was lighter we held on to them and beat a few, but once it got windy they sailed away from us upwind. Downwind it was a matter of going as fast as possible to catch up and/or pass a couple of boats. I nearly won a race outright but messed up a couple of laylines to let Mark Orams on his PT slip past, bugger!

Four Weta sailors went out for a cruise with their kids and partners and enjoyed the warm and gentle conditions. Mike Ryan got the awesome photos below while sailing with his wife and daughter.

All in all Torbay Sailing Club is a fantastic venue. Rigging, launching and racing is always relaxed and enjoyable. Thanks so much to the club for having us, we will be back in two weeks!


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