IT'S TIME.  Here is your chance to:

1.) Be part of something new!
2.) Race your Weta in a one design event for the first time in the Great Lakes Region!
3.) Sail on one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world! (it should be thawed by then)
4.) Comfortably wear your wetsuit in July.
5.) Meet a bunch new friends!
6.) Sail from one of the nicest sandy beaches you will ever find.
7.) Check the current views of the venue here. Cam4 is the beach we will launch from.


Online Registration for the first Great Lakes regional Weta event is open.  The event is hosted by the Catamaran Racing Assoc. of Michigan.  They said we could have our own start if we had four or more boats show up.  Last I heard about 10 people are thinking of coming.  You can register here.


Notes before you go to sign up.
-     They only take Paypal.  
-     They have a policy of allowing all first time competitors to race for free.  So if you are feeling appreciative and generous you could support them by becoming a member.  
-     You can "camp" in the parking lot, register for $20. Has a portable-Jon, no showers.
I have a camper I can bring for a few people to stay in if interested.
-      If you want a hotel, let me know and I will explore a few options.

Look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you this summer.

If you know someone else who has a boat I didn't send this too, please forward.  I know there are a bunch of new owners out there since WetaFest. (Cliff can you send me contact info for Knox R from Atlanta, and Superman from Texas, they both are interested in coming)

Once you experience the fun this summer, make sure you plan on WetaFest next spring, Cliff puts on a GREAT event.

Tim Wieringa

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