Blasting in North Carolina


by Tom Kirkman

Lady friend with back injury. Loves sailing, has completed numerous offshore sailing courses and helmed 40 footers. But she loves the thrill of dingy racing but can't find a boat that suits her physical abilities. She has been with me on the Weta a few times but never in high winds. Yesterday the winds were about 12 to 18 and I suggested she sail it a bit by herself. I thought she'd stay out about an hour. I didn't see her again for more like 4 hours.

When she finally came in she said the boat wasn't "fast" enough for her. But when I watched the video and saw the big grin on her face the whole time I know it's a done deal. I think she'll buy one this week. I watched everybody come in yesterday and her smile was the biggest out of all the other sailors. These boats are just a heck of a lot of fun.

Here is the short video of her first time helming the Weta while in the boat by herself. I told her the wind wasn't enough for her to capsize so just go out and let it eat.  She can work on the finer details later after she buys one. I added subtitles because the wind rush over the unprotected microphone made voices difficult to hear.