I wanted to let you know that my lady friend Stephanie got her new Weta on Friday and got to sail it in decent winds on Sunday. Today she told me that while she was telling a friend about how much she liked it last night, she realized she was hopping up and down.

If that's not a rousing endorsement for the boat I don't know what is.

- Tom Kirkman

I took delivery of my new Weta from Dick this past weekend in Cedar Key and had a chance to take her out for her first sail while there, I am so thrilled with the boat!

Prior to that weekend, Randy and I had a great adventure!  We had each borrowed a Weta (I used Cliff's boat and Randy sailed Mike Meade's boat) and sailed from Fort Walton Beach to Panama City with the intention of catching up with our Fort Walton Yacht Club spring cruise.  What would have been about a 60 mile trip turned into 115 miles and 27 hours of non-stop sailing in the Gulf of Mexico.  
The wind was 15-20 knots with higher gusts, but the direction was not as predicted, so we had to tack a lot.  The seas built to 4-7 feet with occasional breakers and there was a very strong current against us.  We found the boat handles these conditions very well with the main alone as it would have been very risky to try to take down a jib at night.  With modifications, that process will be much safer and easier in the future. We both had dry suits on and all kinds of safety gear, so the main goal was to press on and avoid capsizing.  
As we arrived in Panama City, we sat through an hour of squalls with heavy rain and in one case 40kts of wind.  In the flat water of the bay, we were able to feather into the wind with little drama.  The boat really responds well to the rudder.  Needless to say, we were tired, but elated to arrive safely.  I have to say, these are tough little boats!  This experience gave me a huge boost in confidence in the boat for the Everglades Challenge!  What an amazing training opportunity ...I'm stoked!!

Thanks very much for the sponsorship!  That makes a world of difference.  We'll be tweaking things here and there and will keep you posted.

All the best,
Linda Wright
#940 Widget


We've had a range of conditions (light to moderate on Friday, 12-17 on Saturday, light than breezy on Sunday) and the boat is terrific.  (My wife's quote when out in 15-17 knots was "Why didn't you buy this years ago?")  I'm delighted with the WETA.  Thanks - Steve Weta #873

"The Weta is faster than the roto-moulded resort Hobies. It is almost, but not quite as fast as the venerable H16. The Nacras and A-Cats will crush it, but when the wind pipes up and those boats are capsizing or their owners are hiding on the beach in the fetal position, the Weta owners are Gennaker reaching with big smiles on their faces.

Beach Cat sailing is on the edge, white knuckled thrill riding. Weta sailing is much more relaxed but can still be quite thrilling. Locally, in the typical 14 kts to 18 kts afternoon breezes I am regularly able to do 14+ knots, occassionally getting up to 16. My PR Max speed is 18 kts. But most fun of all, the Weta surfs really well."

BS - Weta #147, Empress
Ventura CA.


Simon Daubney


Dear Roger,  

Just a note to say how much we have been enjoying the Weta over the last few months and to congratulate you on the great job you have done in developing a great little boat.  Initially I was concerned that it might be a little too much boat for my 4, 6 and 8 year old kids.  However I picked my weather, keeping the sailing days under 15 knots and they just loved it.  It was a big plus that I could get them all out at the same time.

I also had a great time thrilling, (and scaring) my brother in-law,  who had never sailed, during a blustery sou'wester blast in 25 knots on Lake Pupuke.

I look forward to stepping it up and introducing the kids to racing when I get back to New Zealand at the end of the year.   

Thanks again,

Simon Daubney

Jim Vincent - USA

Started sailing years ago, had a South African design called a Dabchick. Then a Heron, then two Lasers. Sold the last Laser about five years ago. I was fed up with being skunked. Got a two person Hobie kayak...very nice, but no adrenalin.

Used to windsurf, then tried kiteboarding. Either too windy or not windy enough. Shoulda been here yesterday.

I checked out skiffs, single person trap boats...wish they had this or that, or too complicated. Then the Weta hit the market....everything I wanted, and something I can sail into my golden years. Only fault is that the design is so good, there is limited improvement potential to appeal to my engineering side.

The clouds disappeared, the sun shone, the angels started singing, all the girls took their tops off.

Life is complete, 2-3 weeks to go before I take delivery. Already connecting up with the local Weta folks.

Forum entry from Andres Schuler


For me the only possible drawbacks are:

1.- Price
2.- Resctricted access to some spare parts.
3.- Relatively small fleet, and spreaded, so at the beginning You will be sailing "alone" most of the time. The racing issue is a complete topic in this group.

But when I sarted looking for a dhingy about a year ago, the only boat that complied with all my main requirements was the Weta.

The boat is easy to store, to transport and to put in the water from a beach a ramp or with a crane in a club. Storage, transportation, rigging, sailing, etc. can be done easily and safely by only one person.

It's a very "simple" boat to sail, but sailing it it's a lot of fun. Even with 2 adults and/or some kids, the weta is comfortable and safe, but fast and easy to sail.

The other options I studied were (in one extreme)very fast but very technical boats, most of them requiring two people to sail them properly and $$$ to rig them for racing. In the other extreme I found "floating bathtubs with sails". In the middle there are not really too many good options.

But, above all, the Weta was the only boat my wife liked enough to let me go sail every weekend! and even think to join me in the future when our baby gets older (I think 3 years is a good age to introduce him to his dad's sports).

I hope that with a fast growing fleet, the 3 drawbacks I mentioned will "dissapear" in the near future.

Best regards.

Andres Schuler
Weta #705
Santiago, Chile

Weta intro from Steve Keever (Seattle Hull #388)

I fell in love with sailing only a few years ago and took classes to get US Sailing certified.  My plan was to buy a 32ish' mono-hull moored in Shilshole to cruise on with friends.  That was until I started pricing sailboat ownership in Seattle.  With slip fees, insurance and the mortgage, I just couldn't get past the ROI for a boat I would take out maybe 10 to 15 times a year.  I have been a club member at "WindWorks Sailing" out of Shilshole where I got my certification and through them have access to a bunch of big boats for charter.  However, this doesn't really solve the "my boat" problem.  I wanted to be a boat owner; plain and simple.  

My first attempt at solving this problem was a 25 year old Hobie 16.  My wife likes to sail, but only in very favorable conditions.  I kept the boat in Fall City and ended up trying to rig and solo the Hobie on Lake Sammamish which never really worked out very well.  I ended up donating it to Sand Point after almost trashing a pickup after dropping the mast within inches.  

Since I sailed on my brothers Corsair F27 Austin's Lake Travis , I have been jonesing on trimarans.  I gave up on ownership for a few years until I saw the Weta in a YouTube video.  I put in my order with Dave at WetaWest without ever sailing or even seeing one live.  I keep the boat on a sling above my car in my garage, so there is no monthly storage cost.  From home, I can be sailing in just under 90 minutes on Lake Sammamish.  I am about 2 hours from my door to launching at Mt. Baker Sailing Center on Lake Washington.  That may seem like a bit of time, but it works for me to keep the boat under cover and safe at my house with no monthly payments.

The Weta fits perfectly with what I want.  I now have a very fast boat that can be raced one design as well as a boat that my wife and I can play with on the lake.  I still have the club when I want to go sailing with a bunch of friends, so it's pretty much the perfect scenario for me.  The Weta is a fantastically fun ride and remarkably easy to rig, launch and solo.  You can race it and you can hang out on it with your significant other with a cooler of beer.  I simply cannot recommend it more.

Email from Cal Worthington - Auckland

Hi Roger,

Both you and Chris sure have made a fantastic boat.

I drove onto Torbay beach at 9:00am Sunday 6/11/11 and after 45 mins was rigged and looking out to sea with a lot of nervousness. I knew
That once I was off the beach and out I would be fine HAHA!! I was planning for my first ever Weta sail with my brother (2 up) but he was crook with a cold. I had to go and felt that I could do it on my own (perhaps in hindsight did not need the jib).

Wind was offshore and quite calm in the bay maybe 5-10 kts, gusty. It took a couple of minutes for me to get set and lined up. I could feel
The lightness and power of the Weta. It really wanting to go and go fast. I jumped on and with some control took off. First impressions was that the Weta felt big, comfortable well set up and very drivable I felt confident enough to unfurl the screecher after less than 1min on the boat (this was short lived HAHA but very exciting)

I really loved the acceleration. I was quickly outside the bay and probably into 10-15+ kts, gusting. I quickly furled the sceecher away as you
Know I have not used one before. Love that furler!

The boat felt very light, stiff and stable. I did catch my breath with the speed. Its instant and as the pressure builds so does the speed I was not
Even trying to go fast but I certainly was. I got a bit of a fright

Before I knew I was battling quite strong gusts with not a lot of sheet on, I was flying!!. I really have not been that quick in a yacht of this size.
It is an amazing, stunning feeling to sail fast in what was a very stable platform. The Weta turns well and was very good on the helm. I did not get the screecher out again as the gusts continued. Despite these tricky conditions I felt safe (out of my depth) but safe. I loved all aspects of the boat and after an hour of charging round I pointed back into the beach and arrived a few minutes later I was smiling from ear to ear, both hands were shaking. It took a few minutes to get my breathing and heart rate back under control.

A few hours later sitting in my chair at home with a nice hot coffee Weta 673 cleaned and packed away down stairs I was looking out on the water
And thought I really want to go sailing again HAHA!!  Not a bad first time out. Look out next weekend!

Thanks guys I feel I have a winner here and will enjoy with the family and other Weta owners for many many years to come

Best regards

Trade Manager - Asia

“My personal endorsement of the WETA is that it provides the thrills of a beach cat or racing skiff w/o the need for trapezing or the worry about capsizing.” Bob, USA
It zips. I’ve hit 16 knots on the gps in flat water – there’s more potential as I’m still figuring out how to get the best performance.  It’ll sail all day at 12-14 in 15 knots of breeze on a deep reach.”
Greg , USA
“I’ve been caught in a storm with sustained 35 knots for an hour, I just feathered into the wind for the period and felt very safe.”
Glen, USA
“The construction is great, performance designed and quality materials—has withstood a few unplanned parking misadventures.”
Bruce, USA
“This is a fun high performance boat that is very easy to sail. It doesn’t have the performance of a Tornado or higher speed cat, but that said, it is easier to sail than
a child’s dinghy so my wife will take it out. I can’t think of any other boat that is high performance (which I want) that she would take out.”
“A very good value. Initial cost includes everything you need. No additional purchases are necessary to go out and have fun sailing.”
Bob, USA
As a quality manager, I am a difficult customer to please, as I tend to inspect to the nth degree.... However...... Having spent the last few hours opening, inspecting and generally crawling all over the Weta - I cannot find a single thing to fault it, nothing!
Robert, Dubai
The build quality of this boat is spectacular, and I can find nothing other than real quality workmanship. The finish is superb - all over - inside and out, and everything just fits together the way it should, and there is nothing missing, - except an instruction book :) - but I know it off by heart anyway!. The carbon mast is a masterstroke for a guy like me with a bad back - stepping it is a dream!
Robert, Dubai
2nd time out, just awesome!  My 12 year old said, "this is magic, I can't wait to race this thing!"  We haven't even tried the screecher yet!  
Pete, USA
“I sail with a grin in conditions that would have my Olympic caliber crew and I on the beach if we were on the skiff.”
Greg, USA
Been out several times so far and the enjoyment grows as I get more and more comfortable with her.  Was out yesterday solo in 15-20 with main and screacher.  She's remarkably well-behaved; and FAST.  Pretty much blew other boats off the water, including a few Hobies, lasers, and even some bigger monohulls.  Initially I was apprehensive about spending the money on a dingy, but the experience has justified the expense.   I marvel at the thought that was put into the Weta package.  I had made a list of things I would have to buy, but there is nothing that wasn't thought of ... and provided; and that comes from a guy who's been sailing for over 40 years.
Wayne, USA
Got the Weta out for the 1st time in some decent breeze today. Now I really want to move to SF Bay because this boat loves 18 knots of breeze! Coming from big monohulls, this was the most effortless sailing in the mid teens I have ever done. You'd also have to be completely clueless to get into any trouble. In the biggest puff, I set the kite on a tight reach and managed to fully bury the leeward ama. A quick bear off popped it up and she jumped off on a full mid teens plane. Had this been a skiff, I would have been swimming! At no time did it ever feel like digging in at the bows. Go sail one of these, they are super fun!!!!!  
Steve, USA
I sailed the Weta for the first time yesterday and have to say - even in very light winds I was impressed by how easy and fun it is to sail.  
Just a little gust and you feel it take off and accelerate. We were only just a touch slower than a fleet of 470s and that was 2 up with only the mail set!
Tim, Japan
“This is a fun high performance boat that is very easy to sail. It doesn’t have the performance of a Tornado or higher speed cat, but that said, it is easier to sail than a child’s dinghy so my wife will take it out. I can’t think of any other boat that is high performance (which I want) that she would take out.”
Greg, USA
"I love the boat. The Weta is so much better than I ever imagined it would be. But you lied to me. You told me it was a sailboat it's not, it's an airplane, it flies. I already have our first prospective customer. An older gentlemen, who said he has been sailing for 50 years, just fell in love with the Weta. Today when I was packing up from a great day on the water, he stood and talked to me for an hour about the boat. He wanted to know how much and where can he get one. I have been out three days in a row with the boat. Friday I spent three hours on the beach. The next day I went to the beach and sailed for the first time with just the main sail. I was so surprised by the speed and maneuverability that a big smile came across my face and then I just laughed with joy for about ten minutes while I was sailing. Today I put up the main and jib, it was a blast. I am too sore to go tomorrow. I will reluctantly have to take a day off. But there is always Tuesday. Thanks for the joy you have brought me."

Rick | Weta Owner, Florida, USA
We recently joined the converted after my father-in-law bought a Weta. It lives behind the garage at our place - they say possession is nine tenths of the law, which is my justification for thinking of it as ours. Pop doesn't seem to mind that we only let him use it occasionally. A couple of weeks after taking delivery of our new toy, we popped it on the garden trailer and took it to Coromandel for our summer holiday. In two and a half weeks away, I only missed two days on the water. Everyone loved it - I even got airborne with an old school friend that had never been sailing. Pitchpoled in a bit of a blow and steep seas with my sister-in-law - neither of us could stop laughing from the moment we left the shore to the moment we got back to the beach to pick up the next crew. Three-sail bast reaching with my wife while the grandparents looked after the kids - the ultimate grantparent support: supplying both the babysitting and the entertainment. Beat that! Cruising around the bay under spinnaker with three under-fives and two adults (not her fastest mode), with everyone lazing on the trampolines and no-one moving even to tack or gybe. But my favourite times were cruising with my 3-year old son, Peter. He likes gentle breezes most - things got a bit too wet for him in the breeze - but we spent many afternoons just exploring the harbour, sometimes for several hours on end. After a bit of one-on-one coaching he now gets upset if he doesn't get to steer at least 50% of the time. Destined for greatness maybe; happiness for sure!He and I are looking forward to getting into the racing scene at Pt Chevalier, our local club - hoping for the prize for youngest father-and-son team, but if we clean-up too much silverware for sailing too fast, we might find that plan gets voted down! Perhaps the first bit of competition on my hands is convincing my wife to let me go instead of her - I'm sure she's got her eye on a mother and son trophy (she might have to donate one first). Fabulous family fun, with plenty to keep those with a competitive streak interested. I get the feeling we'll be Weta-people for a very long time - the question is how long have I got before Peter and his little brother oust their Dad altogether. I figure I still have a few years, and I'm looking forward to them."

Michael Eaglen | General Manager, Engineering Consultancy, High Modulus International
"I’m very happy to report that the boat arrived safely at the lake. Sunday morning I was up at 5am in quite strong winds, out in the boat together with a friend. I tell you, this boat is a rocket - it is amazing how fast it goes! I feel very great with my boat...and people were very curious about it. Most would like to try it. We will see what happens! Anyway, I hope next weekend the wind will not blow too much, so I can take Helen out on it. I think she like it too."

Markus Winter | WIN ASIA Consulting, Member Of The Shanghai Yacht Club
"I've been out a number of times in the Weta - an all-round boat for learn to sail, recreation, and high performance! What a blast! I cant wait for the class to grow!

The laser and the Hobie have always been seen as the worlds all purpose recreation boats. Having sailed the Weta I can see that these guys have incorporated all the strong characteristics of both. A high performance boat, it is exciting, forgiving and easy to sail, while being simple and compact. Why wasn't this thought of before?!?

I'm going to push for a lot of sailing clubs to jump aboard the Weta - it's just what New Zealand sailing needs to boost interest and participation in the sport."

Michael Bullot | Double World Champion, New Zealand Olympic Laser Sailor
"I was looking for a 'big' little sail boat. It had to have and do everything for almost everybody in my circle of family and friends. The only trouble was, I wasn't at all sure what such a boat would look like or if it was even possible. I looked at a wide variety of boats but for me all fell short in one way or another.

I saw The Weta prototype at The Boat Show of 2003 and wasn't alone in recognizing a great concept well underway. A multi hull with a great design and a terrific sail plan. It was also the first time I met Roger, the driving force behind the project not to mention youth sailing programmes in Auckland over many years. Through him I was able to follow some of the evolutions and refinements that led to the fully honed Weta we purchased in October 2005.

Since then my family and friends have sailed our Weta on more than 30 occasions in a wide variety of seascapes and winds. It has been sailed alone with all sails up; two up and stacked out in skiff-like fashion hard on the wind; handled by one of the kids with just the boomless main or with the whole family on board !

We wanted a safe, stable, strong, easy to rig sail boat with good all round performance. One that was easy for everybody to sail. We got all that and more! It points well, it tacks with consummate ease and it gives a thrilling ride with no fuss. Everything about it is effortless and responsive. An efficient, well balanced design, bulletproof sails and up to the minute materials choices and construction played key roles in assuring these qualities. The workmanship is also excellent.

Then The Weta has bonus attributes we hadn't even thought about. The beach trailer, the way the boat packs down, tows and stores. The colour choices that individualize it. The supremely uncomplicated layout of quality gear and the colour coordinated lines and halyards. The multitude of comfortable and spacious sitting positions. The way our red screacher turbo charges performance when unfurled and so on.

Hard to believe that you can have all of this in a sail boat a little over 4 metres long!This is truly a 'Big' little sports sail boat that has everything and will do everything for almost everyone, whatever age or sailing ability. As such, I would recommend The Weta to anyone who likes or thinks they would like to get out on the water.

John Van Kan, Family And Friends

“After the test sail on the Weta, in 10 to 15kt's of wind, I was impressed with the speed. It was fast and it was fun. And it was easy to sail. I when out with my two kids, and it did what I wanted it to do. Steering was great, set up as easy and quick. On the water there was plenty of warning and there was never a feeling of this is going over or getting into any trouble. I then when out by myself and pushed it. I was surprised how well it went with the lee float a meter (3 feet) underwater. It just kept going fast. Going upwind it was balanced and responded to good trim and sailing. Around the course, it is likely to be close to a Hobie 16. -maybe faster upwind and possible slower reaching, but you won't capsize 5 times in a race.

I feel this boat will be the Hobie 16, or the Laser of the next decade. It is the sort of boat that will bring people back sailing - It is that good!”

Sailing Anarchy Forum

After the test sail on the Weta, in 10 to 15kt's of wind, I was impressed with the speed. It was fast and it was fun. And it was easy to sail.
I when out with my two kids, and it did what I wanted it to do.
Steering was great, set up as easy and quick. On the water there was plenty of warning and there was never a feeling of this is going over or getting into any trouble.
I then when out by myself and pushed it. I was surprised how well it went with the lee float a meter (3 feet) underwater. It just kept going fast.
Going upwind it was balanced and responded to good trim and sailing.
Around the course, it is likely to be close to a Hobie 16. -maybe faster upwind and possible slower reaching, but you won't capsize 5 times in a race.

I feel this boat will be the Hobie 16, or the Laser of the next decade.
It is the sort of boat that will bring people back sailing - It is that good!