Weta Owners

Hey Weta Owners!

We know you are spread all over the world - see our map! So this section is to help you get up to speed with what's going on the Weta Community.

Here we have information about the various Weta Sailing Associations, tips and tricks and the Weta Manuals. There is regular organised racing in New Zealand, UK, Sweden, France, USA and Australia, your dealer will be know whats going on with the local racing scene, for more info get in touch with your dealer.

If you want to get in touch with Weta owners near you, try the map. To discuss the finer points of Weta sailing try the forum or use facebook and twitter to share your experiences.

If there is something you would like to add to this page - drop me a line at miranda@wetamarine.com and I will put it up!


Miranda - Marketing Co-ordinator for Weta Marine






Owner's Locker

Here be everything you need to get your Weta humming me hearty!

Basic rigging guide

Download | Basic Rigging Guide - Low Resolution
Download | Basic Rigging Guide - High Resolution (6.28MB)

Weta Manuals

This document contains all things Weta and is a must for all owners!
Download | Weta Manual - Low Resolution - suitable for on screen (1.4mb)
Download | Weta Manual - High Resolution - suitable for general printing (8.7mb)

Download | Weta Manual - Low Resolution - suitable for on screen - single page layout (1.3 mb)
Download | Weta Manual - High Resolution - suitable for general printing - single page layout (8.7mb)

For a high quality print file (20mb) please email miranda@wetamarine.com

Easier gennaker sheeting

Download | Easier Gennaker Sheeting (147kb)
This document shows where to put more turning blocks to make the gennaker easier to trim.

Racing Basics

Download | Racing Basics (157kb)
This document explains the basic rules of yacht racing so you can get out there and join the racing!

Weta Class Rules

Download | Weta Class Rules (102kb)
The Weta is a one design class to make racing fun and even for everyone.

Sail Number Instructions

Download | Sail Number Insructions (309kb)
This document explains how to place numbers on your sail so you are ready for racing!

Gel Coat Maintenance

Download | Care and upkeep of Gelcoats.pdf (441kb)
This document contains tips on how to keep the gelcoat on your Weta looking good as well as the RAL colour codes for the gelcoat.

FURLING JIB Instructions

Download | Weta Furling Jib Insructions (436kb)
This document explains how to install and rig the furling jib on the Weta.

upgrading to the kz Continuous furler

Download | Upgrading to the KZ Continuous Furler
This document explains how upgrade your prod from the exisiting Harken furler to the continuous KZ furler

Recommended Rope Lengths

Recommended Rope Lengths (75kb)

Recommended Hardware

Recommended Hardware (72kb)



How to repair Gelcoat

How to repair Centerboard