Introducing the 2015 Weta

With a shift of manufacture to XSP based in Singapore, Weta Marine has taken the opportunity to improve the Weta Trimaran. The design footprint is unchanged and the ‘one design’ rule will remain in place, but new molds and construction techniques give the 2015 Weta a tighter, better quality build.


XSP has been owned and managed by two Australian sailors for 20 years.  Roger Kitchen, director of Weta Marine comments “When people see this boat they will be blown away by the quality and attention to detail.”

The first container from XSP is landing in Atlanta, Georgia next month, a welcome addition to the growing fleet of over 300 Weta in the US.

The Weta is firmly established, with over 1000 boats sold worldwide. The key attribute of the Weta is the versatility; owners enjoy fast one design racing, family cruising and blasting with friends, which is enhanced by the superior quality and attention to detail of the 2015 Weta.

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Where to see the 2015 Weta

USA - US Sailboat Show, Annapolis or US National Champs

NZ - Auckland on Water Boat Show

Europe - Salon Nautique International de Paris

or contact your local dealer