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Richard Jones was the agent for the Weta 4.4 trimaran in Western Australia, he has hung up his Weta boots, but is still happy to talk calls about the Weta. If you are interesting in being the dealer for WA please send us an email - info@wetamarine.com

The Weta Trimaran has the look and ability of a high- performance race boat,yet is also stable, forgiving and incredibly easy to sail. It is no surprise then that it was named "Boat of the Year " in 2010 by the prestigious US magazine sailing world   


How to use your Weta

There are fleets in every continent. San Francisco has an enthusiastic one design single handed racing fleet, in the Caribbean it is used in sailing schools while in France it's used for destination sailing camping and hops down the coast. Some intrepid Weta Sailors are even doing the 300 mile Everglades challenge .

What makes the boat so popular ? Its easy, versatile, high performance, safe and built with quality in mind.

when your ready to join the hundreds of satisfied owners world wide contact me about organising a demo sail so we can get you hooked!


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Perth - Richard Jones

Phone: 0411 422 003
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