North Carolina


Jon Britt with Nor'Banks Sailing in Duck, NC is the Original Importer of the Weta.  We had hull numbers 11,12,13,14 and even got a visit from the designer Roger Kitchen himself.   We have helped establish the Weta throughout the US, won the Sailing World Boat of the Year, imported numerous containers and have had a blast along the way.   We are now concentrating on Mid-Atlantic Sales (Georgia to Delaware) and will be glad to assist anyone without a dealer nearby. 

Annapolis (and surrounding areas) are starting to get a strong Weta presence and the fleet is growing.  We are currently growing a fleet in Atlanta and will be shipping a container directly to Atlanta this Spring.  This container only has a few boats remaining so contact us soon if you are interested.  Nor'Banks also stocks a warehouse full of Weta parts and is happy to help any owner or prospective owner with parts, advice or just questions.  Come to Duck sometime and see our gorgeous Sailing Facility and try a Weta.


Local Racing

Check out the East Coast racing scene on the Weta North America website

2014 Duck Cup Dates are June 7th and 8th and Son of Duck Cup Dates are September 27th and 28th

Join us for our Monday night racing at Nor'Banks (Mid-May thru September)

Come and see the 2015 Weta and founder of the Weta Roger Kitchen at the US Sailboat Show

Follow the Weta Yahoo Forum for all things Weta!



Jon Britt with Nor'Banks Sailing









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