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Video: Weta foiling experiment!

September 30th, 2015

The Carbon sushi roll experiment went rather well yesterday. Despite the Haze that is plaguing Singapore right now, we got a nice little sail in on the 'experiment'. It's a dramatic transformation and the results will be scaled up in the future.

Shanghai Boat & Yacht Club Relay Regatta

September 24th, 2015

Great weekend of racing Weta Trimarans at Shanghai Boat & Yacht Club, five Wetas competed in the Relay Regatta, winner The Ninja Vikings, second place Shanghai Tan, third place Fruit Salat.

The Blue Bug on the Bay

July 09th, 2015

Thanks to Dom' and the BS Marketing Weta for the cool image from the weekends sail on Loyang Bay. Nice SW Monsoon and flat water! Dom' inspired the current Blue Revolution in boats at CSC and the Gulf Nacra has followed suit! There's another cat being primed for livery and...

Art revolution Wetadelic

June 09th, 2015

It might have started with Kaze but the Blue Bug certainly pushed the cause along a loooong way! Now this! "I want some stripes" Antonio said... we think he got his wish! Can't wait to see it floating! And to keep the art revolution in progress...

Weta Weekend at Lake Hamana

June 05th, 2015

Photos Mamoru Aoki

Video: Weta #969 assembly in Dubai

May 08th, 2015

Weta 4.4 initial assembly from the factory for a new owner in Abu Dhabi.

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