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National Criterium WETA 2016, FR

July 26th, 2016

The National WETA this year took place in Champagne in early July 2016.28 boats gathered for three days of racing on the magnificent 4800ha Der lake, with good wind and an impeccable organization from the Yacht Club and the race Committee.Five windward leeward courses and two rounds around the lake,...

Video: Wetas in Enoshima by Kazi Magazine

July 22nd, 2016

Kazi Magazine takes a look at the Weta Trimaran in Enoshima, Japan.

Association Des pieds et Des mains, Baden

July 21st, 2016

Après 2 jours de raid, 2 jours à accompagner l'association de Damien Seguin Des Pieds de des Mains à Baden. Beaucoup de baptêmes en Weta. Le temps et les conditions étaient magnifiques, nous étions proches de la course (TDFV).

WMG 2017 Charter Boats Update

July 19th, 2016

The first offer of charter boats for the WMG has closed and those who applied for charter boats have had them allocated.To date 10 out of the 30 have been taken.The charter offer will now be open just to overseas sailors until Sept 1 unless booked up before then.

Video: WetaDay on Elk Lake, OR

July 06th, 2016

Elk Lake, I believe the first time the Elks have seen a Weta. Didn't know what one was, so they phoned a Moose over at McGillicuddy's. Nope, never seen one either. What did the fox say? Oh, he said the Weta is a fine sailing machine, gives much pleasure to...

Video: July 4th Weekend Sailing, NC

July 05th, 2016

Nice day sailing on Jordan Lake, NC, with a few other multi-hulls. Nothing white knuckle but a lot of fun nonetheless...

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