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“I wanted to let you know that my lady friend Stephanie got her new Weta on Friday and got to sail it in decent winds on Sunday. Today she told me that while she was telling a friend about how much she liked it last night, she realized she was hopping up and down. If that's not a rousing endorsement for the boat I don't know what is.”

Tom Kirkman


I took delivery of my new Weta from Dick this past weekend in Cedar Key and had a chance to take her out for her first sail while there, I am so thrilled with the boat!

Prior to that weekend, Randy and I had a great adventure! We had each borrowed a Weta (I used Cliff's boat and Randy sailed Mike Meade's boat) and sailed from Fort Walton Beach to Panama City with the intention of catching up with our Fort Walton Yacht Club spring cruise. What would have been about a 60 mile trip turned into 115 miles and 27 hours of non-stop sailing in the Gulf of Mexico.

The wind was 15-20 knots with higher gusts, but the direction was not as predicted, so we had to tack a lot. The seas built to 4-7 feet with occasional breakers and there was a very strong current against us. We found the boat handles these conditions very well with the main alone as it would have been very risky to try to take down a jib at night. With modifications, that process will be much safer and easier in the future. We both had dry suits on and all kinds of safety gear, so the main goal was to press on and avoid capsizing.

As we arrived in Panama City, we sat through an hour of squalls with heavy rain and in one case 40kts of wind. In the flat water of the bay, we were able to feather into the wind with little drama. The boat really responds well to the rudder. Needless to say, we were tired, but elated to arrive safely. I have to say, these are tough little boats! This experience gave me a huge boost in confidence in the boat for the Everglades Challenge! What an amazing training opportunity ...I'm stoked!!

Thanks very much for the sponsorship! That makes a world of difference. We'll be tweaking things here and there and will keep you posted. 

Linda Wright

Weta #940 Widget


"We've had a range of conditions (light to moderate on Friday, 12-17 on Saturday, light than breezy on Sunday) and the boat is terrific. (My wife's quote when out in 15-17 knots was "Why didn't you buy this years ago?") I'm delighted with the WETA."


Weta #873

"The Weta is faster than the roto-moulded resort Hobies. It is almost, but not quite as fast as the venerable H16. The Nacras and A-Cats will crush it, but when the wind pipes up and those boats are capsizing or their owners are hiding on the beach in the fetal position, the Weta owners are Gennaker reaching with big smiles on their faces. Beach Cat sailing is on the edge, white knuckled thrill riding. Weta sailing is much more relaxed but can still be quite thrilling. Locally, in the typical 14 kts to 18 kts afternoon breezes I am regularly able to do 14+ knots, occassionally getting up to 16. My PR Max speed is 18 kts. But most fun of all, the Weta surfs really well." 

Bob Shirley

Weta #147 Empress

Ventura CA.

“My personal endorsement of the WETA is that it provides the thrills of a beach cat or racing skiff w/o the need for trapezing or the worry about capsizing”



“It zips. I’ve hit 16 knots on the gps in flat water – there’s more potential as I’m still figuring out how to get the best performance. It’ll sail all day at 12-14 in 15 knots of breeze on a deep reach. "



“ The construction is great, performance designed and quality materials—has withstood a few unplanned parking misadventures.”



“As a quality manager, I am a difficult customer to please, as I tend to inspect to the nth degree.... However...... Having spent the last few hours opening, inspecting and generally crawling all over the Weta - I cannot find a single thing to fault it, nothing!” 



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