10 reasons to love sailing your Wētā!

• Incredible stability
• High performance - speed up to 20 knots
• Simple rig - no boom
• Versatility - sail solo or together
• Lightweight yet robust
• Compact storage
• No abs of steel required
• Rig and launch by yourself in 20 minutes
• Proven New Zealand design
• Capsize resistant and easy to recover


The Wētā is a very social boat. So while we are serious about design, craftsmanship, and the materials we use, the objective is fun. Even if you’re racing your Wētā in serious competitions, we want to make sure you’re enjoying yourself. And if you want to introduce kids – or anyone – to the joys of sailing, a Wētā is the perfect boat. Deliberately crafted for stability and versatility, the Wētā is easy to sail with the family. The kids feel safe, and they learn the most important thing about sailing: that it’s tons of fun!


One of the greatest feelings when you’re out on the water in a Wētā is exhilaration. Everyone loves to go fast! An excellent sea boat, a Wētā is built for speed. And it’s built from lightweight, high tech materials, meaning a Wētā is sturdy, stable, but light, ensuring even in gentle winds this beautifully balanced and responsive boat can get some sensational speeds up. With a bit of a breeze on you can reach speeds of 20 knots. Now that’s some serious fun.

Fast and Easy Setup

Lightweight and simple, rig and launch by yourself.


Sail solo or mix it up with the family.


One of the driving aims when designing the Wētā was to build it from materials that were robust, but lightweight, so that a Wētā could be assembled, sailed and rigged easily by one person. The simple but clever custom beach trolley and 6kg, two-piece mast make moving, launching, rigging and storing a Wētā a breeze!

The fun bit – getting out and fast on the water – is easy, too, with the boat designed for ease of handling whether you’re a seasoned skipper or an enthusiastic novice. The three-sail design, boomless rig and minimum control lines mean you can make the most of the wind single-handedly, and even with the family on board, you can tack like a monohull but speed like a multihull, with absolute ease.

And when you’ve had all the fun you can take, everything packs down quickly and easily and stores on a surprisingly small footprint.

The Boat

A robust and versatile trimaran

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