Hand-crafted – this is no “machine-built boat” – the composite foam sandwich hulls with carbon spars and beams delivers the perfect pairing of rigidity and lightweight performance. Expertly made for maximum enjoyment and minimum fuss, whether you’re sailing all out and solo, mixing it up with the family or teaching the kids to sail, the Wētā is simple to sail, surprisingly quick, and an absolute ton of fun.

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Key Features

Sailing for you and your family

Unlike other dinghies, the Wētā is the boat everyone can use  – in almost any conditions – all in one compact, easy package.

Ready to sail

The Wētā comes with everything you need to go sailing – three sails, custom aluminium beach trolley, sail bags, carbon rudder stock, carbon foils and custom foil bag.

Compact design

The Wētā packs down to the footprint of a Laser on a custom fit, lightweight beach trolley.

Fast and easy setup

Lightweight and simple, rig and launch by yourself in 20 minutes.

One design class

Wētā has an active strong base of racing fleets across the world.

Sails for every wind strength

Redesigned by Norths in 2017, the bi-radial cut mainsails provide manageable high performance in all conditions. The Standard 8.3sqm Sail is great for beginners or strong winds. The Square Top (SQ) 9.3sqm Sail gives more speed in light winds and effortless power up to 20 knots. A furling jib and smaller mainsail are optional.

Self Tacking Jib

Standard on new Wētā. A game changer. Make life easier during tacks, gybes and mark roundings. Easy to install as a retrofit.

Uncomplicated Deck Layout

Screecher furler cleat on cockpit side, swaged stays, Liros ropes and optional hiking strap.

no fitness fanatics required

In most dinghies you quickly get tired when the wind gets up,  but the Wētā is comfortable to sail in nearly all conditions, whatever your ability or mobility.

Sleek Floats

With a vertical join, the clean look float has strong internal construction. Killwell carbon beams enable a precision fit with the main hull.

North Sails

Proven quality, worldwide service.

Precision Foils

Xtreme Sailing Products have 20+ years experience building quality sailboats, including the F18, 29er, 420 and Tasar.

Dry Hatches

Quality Nairn hatches for a tight seal.

Trampoline Tensioning System

Adjust the trampoline from both ends for better trampoline tension.

Robust Rudder Bar & Gudgeons

Engineered for strength and durability.

Twin Tiller Extension Kit

Make your sailing experience even easier with a twin tiller extension kit (optional)

2019 Wētā Trimaran - Fun. Fast. Easy. Sailing for you and your family!

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  • Length14'5" / 4.4m
  • Beam11'6" / 3.5m
  • Beam Folded Away5'7" / 1.7m
  • Hull MaterialFibreglass / Foam
  • Weight - Main Hull128lb / 58kg
  • Weight - Float with Beam Frame40lb / 17.5kg
  • Sail - Main89sq ft / 8.3sq m
  • Sail - Jib34sq ft / 3.2sq m
  • Sail - Screecher86sq ft / 8.0sq m
  • Beam FrameCarbon
  • MastCarbon two Piece
  • Rudder StockCarbon
  • Rudder FoilCarbon
  • CentreboardCarbon
  • HardwareRonstan
  • SailsNorth Sails
  • DesignWētā Design Team & TC Design

It's put an ear to ear grin on my face every single day since I've come back from the games. I look at this thing and I go it's 30 knots, it's 5 knots, whatever it is I'm going out there just to have so much fun

Chris Sharp - New Zealand Paralympic Sailor

It's quick, solidly built, incredibly stable and forgiving, and easier to rig than a Laser. When it comes to the fun meter, the Wētā has it pegged.

Sailing World

I wanted to let you know that my lady friend Stephanie got her new Wētā on Friday and got to sail it in decent winds on Sunday. Today she told me that while she was telling a friend about how much she liked it last night, she realised she was hopping up and down. If that's not a rousing endorsement for the boat I don't know what is. 

Tom Kirkman

The Laser and the Hobie have always been seen as the worlds all purpose recreation boats. Having sailed the Wētā I can see that these guys have incorporated all the strong characteristics of both. A high performance boat, it is exciting, forgiving and easy to sail, while being simple and compact.

Michael Bullot - Double World Champion, New Zealand Olympic Laser Sailor


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