2021 Weta class All Japan Championship

November 17th, 2021

At Enoshima Yacht Harbor, where the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were held last July, 10 colorful WETA boats gathered at the 2nd WETA Class All Japan Championship.The rule this time required more than double hand.

The first day, November 13th, was a Le Mans-style beach start from Higashihama, which is located under the bridge leading to Enoshima. In the breeze from the south, 10 boats started to 6 mile course that circulates around buoy of Zushi Marina. Both legs were reaching that requires the Genekar skill. Sail No.1284, who took the windward side finished first. On the second day, the gust from the west of 30 knots was blown.

The condition was so hard that only two boats were able to find the windward mark one mile away, the others were DNF. Even cruisers, racing on the other race event, had seen some troubles. However in the weta race, all, except for one capsized, ran and returned safely to the harbor.It was a race where we were able to reconfirm the safety of Weta.

As a result, 1284 Fujita / Nakazawa / Noguchi, who ran the top in both races, won the championship, and the young 1247 Kurita and Sato team who showed their ability in the rough conditions came in second, and 1331 Menjo / Suzuki, came in third.

By Mr. Fujita
Photos Mamoru Aoki

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