A Sweet Treat

February 28th, 2019

A last minute addition to the Florida schedule drew eight Weta sailors to the Cherry Pie Regatta at Sarasota Sailing Squadron in Florida on February 16th.

Winds were howling, halyards were clanking and some technical difficulties left a few on the beach. Wetas were paired up with the E-Scows for some buoy racing, while the PHRF fleet did a distance race around the government marks. 

In race 1, Bill Frissell got clean air around the E-Scows and was first rounding the weather mark. Even though Alan Taylor started a few minutes late, he quickly passed most of the fleet and followed Frissell to finish second. 

The day provided many highlights. Kim Higgs with his new vernacular said, “Alan Taylor was so far ahead that he was smokin’ everyone in race 2 and 3” leaving Frissell in second overall. Next, Cliff Peshek was thrilled with his performance since he was not getting passed by everyone and finished third overall. Seen grinning ear to ear, Dick Hitchcock was ecstatic about his great sail. Ken McDonough drove up from Port Charlotte and partnered with John Redman out on the water. Although, this partnership was more like George Costanza and his father at Del Boca Vista. On the way in, Taylor blew by the E-Scows on his Weta. It got the attention of the Scows as they were heard talking about it back on the beach. 

Everyone ended the afternoon with a slice of cherry pie and vanilla ice cream on top. How’s that for a sweet treat after a day of sailing...

By Stephanie Taylor

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