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Review: Multihull Expert Peter Hackett Reviews the Weta Self Tacking Jib

September 07th, 2020

The Weta Self Tacking (ST) Jib has not been out that long but it has gained strong acceptance already, particularly from single handed racers.

Weta Square Top Mainsail Review - Jay Winick

August 28th, 2018

I got an excellent deal on hull #163 (obviously used) at the beginning of the season. She came with the original Gaastra sails which were crisp, but a little “dry” I would guess (I estimate they’re 7-8 years old).

New Weta Trimaran Boat Review by Jonathan Weston

May 01st, 2018

Weta Marine, manufacturer of the successful Weta Trimaran, provided me with the opportunity to try out their new and improved Weta Trimaran. The event? 2018 US Multihull Championships at Fort Walton Yacht Club, FL.

MySailing.com.au: The Weta too easy

August 01st, 2017

Jordan Spencer tests the fun Weta trimaran - on his third attempt

If I had to use one word to describe the Weta trimaran, it would be easy! Everything about the Weta is easy, unlike the process we went through when trying to test one.

Practical Sailor: Weta Trimaran Review 2008

August 01st, 2017

Compact Weta Trimaran Screeches Past the Big Boys on Biscayne Bay

Mini-multihull with aerospace-like attention to detail fills niche of high-performance day sailor

The new Weta trimaran is designed in New Zealand, built in China, and imported into the U. S. by Nor’ Banks Sailing of Duck, N. C.

Sail Magazine: Weta Trimaran Review 2009

August 01st, 2017

The breeze was mild, but still it made an impression to see Dave Bernsten walk away from the tiller of his 14-foot trimaran, step to the bow, fiddle with an adjustment, then mosey back aft and resume his duties at the helm.

Sailing World: Weta Trimaran Best Dinghy

August 01st, 2017

This trimaran blew the judge away with it's fun factor. A feature from our January/February 2010 issue

It happens every year with BOTY: one of the smaller boats in the lineup reminds the judges of the pure exhilaration of fast, small-boat sailing.

Weta Review - Bob Hodges

August 12th, 2015

In 43 years of sailing a lot of different types of small performance sailboats (Finn, Laser, Thistle, Lightning, Snipe, sailboards, Tornado, Prindle 19, A-Class, and Sunfish), I think I now own a boat that checks off the boxes better than any other boat I have ever owned and/or sailed in…

Weta 2015 Review By Paul White

February 27th, 2015

Firstly a declaration of interest: I own Weta #325 which was built in 2009 and purchased in Australia in 2010. I acquired it in 2013 and have really enjoyed sailing it but I’m aware that it has a few issues due to the age of the boat.

Weta 4.4 Review – Yachts and Yachting Magazine

September 13th, 2012

‘Wetapunga’ is the Maori name for a New Zealand insect that looks like a cross between a cricket and a cockroach.

Sailing Magazine – Weta Review

June 07th, 2010

A quick but stable little trimaran that will thrill families and hardcore racers alikeThe name weta refers to a family of large insects in the New Zealand Archipelago. Roughly translated, weta means "God of ugly things.