Queensland Weta State Titles Hervey Bay

June 03rd, 2015

David Vockler the States best...again

BUNDABERG'S David Vockler was up against stiff opposition before he lowered his boat, Attitude, into the water to contest the Queensland WETA title.

David was taking on something that never slowed down or gave up - time.

A few weeks before the state championships were held at Hervey Bay he took delivery of his new boat and after racing her three times came away with his 11th Queensland title, David has also won eight Paper Tiger titles and three straight in the WETA class.

Like a race car David had to tune his craft and tuning the sails and getting the stay tension right usually took time he didn't have.

He wasn't entirely happy with the set up of Attitude before the championships began but with years of experience under his belt David was confident of a good performance.

In the five races David was challenged by Cairns sailers Devon Wilkinson and Graham Bond, who are both ex A-Class crewmen, and David came away with three wins and two seconds.

Something he wasn't overly happy with.

"I got beaten in the last race, Devon is a big guy and when the conditions picked up he handled them a bit better," David said.

"I wasn't happy."

The small piece of disappointment was forgotten when he was presented with the trophy and when an official joked David wasn't welcome back in 2016 at Arlie Beach, when he heard those words a smile spread across he face.

It wasn't just a couple of boats from the north of the state Davis had to contend with.

The rest of the fleet was intent on sending him a message another state a title wasn't going to be easy to win.

"They ganged up on me at the start line," David said.

"They blocked me to slow me down, and cut across me to give me dirty air.

"It was a good felling to win another state title."

When asked if there was going to be a 12th state title trophy added to his bulging cabinet David smiled and said 11 is not an even number so there's a great chance he will be on the water again in 2016 to defend his crown.

Source: www.news-mail.com.au/news/david-vockler-the-states-bestagain/2609202/

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