Thinking of upgrading your Jib? Reasons to fit a Self Tacker on your Weta

June 18th, 2020

- A ST allows you to tack upwind without touching jib sheet(s).
- You maintain the perfect jib sheeting angle without adjustment each time you tack.
- As you go through the tack it is only seconds before the jib sets on the new tack giving almost continuous power.
- This continuous power combined with a smooth turn allows you good momentum through the tack.This efficiency could only be matched by a highly skilled crew.
- When gybing with the gennaker, the jib does not need to be adjusted allowing you to focus on helming and the gennaker sheet.
- When approaching the bottom mark the jib can be sheeted in advance, as you do not need to be on the new windward tack, allowing you more time to focus on the gennaker retrieval and approaching boats.
- There is no jib sheet crossing the cockpit which means less chance of getting ropes tangling in your feet.
- By not having a sheet to adjust each time you tack you can focus more on tacking technique;choosing a good patch of water, your new heading and be more aware of other boats.
- All the above result in more efficiency, maintaining momentum and improving your boat handling.

- Some have questioned the need for a self tacker as your crew can handle the jib. In fact we find the crew now take the jib sheet tension up a level and not just be happy to get the jib in and stop it flapping.
- The crew can also take on more responsibility, with their head out of the cockpit, looking for wind shifts, tacking angles and giving the helmsperson good feedback for tactical decisions.

- There is less clutter in the boat.
- When the breeze gets up the ST enables you to focus more on helming and mainsheet which are more critical for safe boat handling.
- You will gain confidence by not having to make jib sheet adjustments as you tack and find your boat handling will improve.
- Simplified controls always a bonus cruising or taking out new inexperienced sailors.

Although the ST sail has 10% less area, with its efficiency, it performs very well. For single handed sailors it is especially good.In our racing fleets, the ST sails are becoming very popular.

The good news is that all Weta can be fitted with a ST and remain competitive.

However the focus is not purely on racing. For the average sailor the ST will give you a lot more confidence when sailing in the fresher breezes when otherwise you may have struggled a bit. 

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