Video: Jordan Lake Sailing, USA

January 30th, 2018

Jordan Lake is centrally located in North Carolina, right in the middle of more than a few Weta owners. Not as technically demanding as many smaller, inland reservoirs, its roughly 15,000 acres are a sailor’s playground. When the wind is predominant from any point west, you can run for miles without tacking or gybing. On days when there is little chop, a Weta can get under the Hwy 64 bridge, doubling the fun.

One of the nicest things about Jordan is the large number and variety of sailboats you’re apt to see there during nice weather. Everything from 30 foot cruisers to 12 foot sailing canoes. Vista Point’s beach area is a great place to launch and recover multi-hulls and there are 4 marinas and another 8 NC Wildlife boat launch areas around the lake’s shoreline. No development - the shore is comprised almost entirely of state forest property. There are roughly 1000 campsites scattered around onshore, 7 swimming beaches and hordes of ospreys and bald eagles. The entire recreation area comprises over 45,000 acres.

Don’t let the rumors of big chop keep you away - that only happens if the wind is from the north. Most days it’ll be from the west. It’s a great place to sail any type of boat. Winds are generally consistent and there’s plenty of room for everybody. And unlike the day the video was shot, it’s usually sunny and pleasant.

By Tom Kirkman

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