Video: Swedish Snow Sailing!

April 27th, 2016

Weta biggest class on the snowy raid

One F18, one Hobie 16 and TWO Wetas entered the raid over Sweden's second biggest lake Vättern. It is a cold and deep lake and you can drink the water where ever you go. We choose a good day because we had wind, sun, waves and snow. But it was cold, really cold. But we were determined to let the season begin.


We started from the beautiful beach of Harge with no wind, no clouds and no temperature. But after a short while Weta got some wind and we headed for the island Rökna. It is like you entered an island in the Mediterranean ocean. So beautiful. After the coffee break and some ”åkarbrasor" = jump up and down and try to be warm again, we sailed for the last stage of 10 M. Exactly as long as the first stage. Now the winds took in a little more and we had a nice sail to Ombo islands when the wind died and the snow fell. I love to sail, I really love to sail a multihull, but this time on Vättern was not my happiest moment in a dinghy. I put on my ski gloves and my sunniest mood. But not even that could melt the snow. Then came a small gust of wind and we could finally sail to Granvik. We had a long sauna, took a beer and a hot Indian stew. We fell asleep before we got to bed that night.


More winds and a bit warmer (almost 3 degrees Celsius in the sun) but all the boats put out in good order. We sailed in three, two, and usually one hull. We enjoyed to the fullest and even had a Swedish fika = coffee and biscuit on Omeo islands. Ombo is so incredibly beautiful that you have to put it on your bucket list, and do it now.

Thank you all raid member for a nice raid and special thanks to Joppe (Johan P) who took care of us and let us sleep over in wonderful house ”the Lower Mill” . We will gladly come back if we may.

By Leif Goldkuhl

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