Video: Weta foiling experiment!

September 30th, 2015

The Carbon sushi roll experiment went rather well yesterday. Despite the Haze that is plaguing Singapore right now, we got a nice little sail in on the 'experiment'. It's a dramatic transformation and the results will be scaled up in the future. Will post a video as soon as it comes to hand. Suffice to say... It's was very very good!

5/10/15 update:

Carbon Sushi Roll take two! The Tee Rudder and an end plate on the C have been fitted to the Weta. So looks like all systems are go... Then the wind ran out! So nothing much to report from the paltry 5 knots of breeze that we sailed in. As you might suspect, the only difference in very light air is marginally more drag. So we are just going to have to wait until our weather pattern changes so we can get this thing kicking in! The black rudder is a nice Carbon section that the Tee now sits on. So it's standby for action...

6/10/15 update:

Ok, OK... Here's a snippet. A short video from the first test sail on the Weta with a foil. To be clear, there's still much sailing to go on. On this particular day, the wind was around 8-10 knots. Flat water and we were sailing into a tidal stream that runs at about 2 knots.

On the foiled Weta, was Danny the creator, all 98kgs of him. On the Weta that appears behind 74kgs. Both solo. As you will see, Danny is sitting onboard and as far forward as possible. I was hiking off the rear of the other and still managing to put the laboured ama in through the chop. Not in a big way but enough. Danny didn't shift his weight throughout the session.

Note: this was before the tee-rudder and the little end plate on the C foil. As we are only running one foil at the moment, the insert video screen will show you what the non-foil is like in exactly the same conditions.

It would appear that the righting moment from the foil is about one person hiking. But this foil will develop max lift in the 15-20 knot boat speed range. Danny only topped it out at 13.7 knots. Compensate for a little tide and he was in the 14's! From my perch behind, I could see a lot of Weta main hull...

Ok, enjoy the video. Draw your own conclusions but we're having a lot of fun and not as weta as before. The Morecross Weta..

By Team Pro Sail Asia

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