Weta dealer opportunity in the UK

August 01st, 2018

A position has become available in the UK for someone to join the worldwide network of Weta dealers.

• The Weta is a New Zealand One Design trimaran designed in 2004 by a team of talented dinghy sailors. It is manufactured in Indonesia by Xtreme Sailing Products who have 20+ years’ experience building quality sailboats.

• The Weta trimaran is the most versatile sailing dinghy on the market with a proven record of quality, performance, simplicity, stability and lightness. It is a unique multihull in the way it easily dismantles to the footprint of a monohull. It is also priced competitively.

• There are 29 Weta dealers worldwide with over 1200 boats manufactured with 50 in the UK.

• Many Weta are family boats but the Weta was also selected by World Sailing for the 2017 Masters Games for quality international racing.

• Regular Weta regattas are held in UK, France, Sweden, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

If you are a passionate sailor and would like to further expand the Weta fleet in the UK then you would find joining the Weta team very rewarding.

It is always a pleasure to market a quality boat that is a delight to sail. You would have the support of an established owner’s association and a manufacturer who backs their product.

For enquiries and expressions of interest in dealerships please do not hesitate to contact:

Roger Kitchen
Weta Marine
+64 276244237
Skype: roger.kitchen

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