Wētā Logo Update

April 06th, 2022

We recently updated our logo to include macrons – Wētā. The macrons indicate the vowel sounds should be elongated "weh-taa". Weta is a loanword from the Māori language (Te Reo) and while it is a common way of spelling in New Zealand it has a different meaning in Māori without the macrons - dirt, filth, muck, excrement, faeces. Pronunciation - https://maoridictionary.co.nz/search?idiom=&phrase=&proverb=&loan=&histLoanWords=&keywords=weta

Google Translate didn’t exist when the name was first established and decided it would be much easier using the less formal name for search engines. Not all applications support macrons but we will use when we can. Gradually this will be rolled out to new boat hulls, covers and sail bags.

We also took this opportunity to update our slogan to "Life's Better". 
You can find a vector file of the logo on https://www.wetamarine.com/owners-locker/weta-logo

Happy sailing!
By Wētā HQ

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