Weta Pickle Fork at Rotorua Sprints

October 20th, 2020

What a weekend! The Sprint regatta was an excellent event superbly organised by the Rotorua Yacht Club. The format of continuous three minute starts was a real success with no time waiting between the 15 minute races. The 52 entries included A Cat, Tornado, PT, Hobie, 3.7, OK and the Zephyr classes.

All rigged up on the lawn in front of the club it was a perfect location. With Rule31 deleted, touching the marks being allowed took the event to a new level. Simon Buoys, making the long haul from Timaru took the opportunity in race two to pickle fork the top mark. Leading the race at the time was not a good idea. As he endeavoured to release the pickle his mates sailed by with many an encouraging remark!.

The races were short so we all looked pretty flash often finishing as a group. Race honours were shared and there was great competition but Ian Sutherland continued to make fewer errors and scored the least number of points...which is a good thing in sailing.

Simon’s orange Weta was a constant threat and Alex slipped quietly through for a couple of early wins. Terry’s red gennaker when popped was always a threat downwind which was very distracting and Ian Jones from Napier enjoyed racing on his maiden voyage in a Weta.

Roger had a shocker not giving Buoy's respect. His interpretation of Rule 31 was average as you do not have to hit all the marks (slamming start boat) and not observing other buoys (DSQ).

A really good weekend and a must do for other Weta sailors next year. Thanks to Derek, our Norths Sail designer who sponsored the event along with Carson Taylor Motor Co. Also big congratulations to Alex and Vicki for picking up the tab for our Friday night Eat Street Weta party.

See you at Lake Ngaroto November 14 & 15.
By Roger Kitchen 

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