Weta Rocks at Changi, Singapore

December 03rd, 2018

Here is new boy Tim punching the Weta along on the seasons wrap-up Saturday race. Just before the start a great cloud came over Changi and produced a very nice 20 knot Northerly! Uncharacteristic but who cares. As long as it's windy!

Tim took over one of the Wetas about 2 weeks ago so he was rewarded with a great blast. In the three lap race, the start to the first turning buoy was a great powered-up shy reach and the two Wetas out there really enjoyed the conditions with a little ams-stuffing to make it more interesting! But it does show ust how forgiving this little tri really is.

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Rounding the top mark the next mile down the channel was also too shy for the gennaker but someone popped open the blue kite.. "just had to be done, that's as much wind as we've seen for months!".

But with each ensuing lap, the breeze dropped away and by the final lap it was a virtual creep across the finish line, not really what the Weta enjoys but it was a good way to wrap up the Saturday Series for the year.

It's also the first time any Wetas have raced at Changi.
A provisional number was created for the Weta to allow them to race with the beach cats and so, for the first time, a Weta made the podium in third place. Unfortunately in the twilight race a fortnight earlier, the 2 Wetas finished 1st and 2nd in a very light race but for some reason, the take didn't stick! Those results were mainly due to the fact that the breeze died for the leading cat and allowed the Wetas to sneak up the other side of the course.

But nonetheless, it's good to see the Wetas finally being out onto the race track and starting to be competitive. As the race season gets underway in January, it will be interesting to see the results posted by the Wetas in the true NE Monsoon.

It was also a fabulous result for Dr. Michael's 'Eepai' that cleared out from the start and showed all the other Corsairs the way home. Oh what a difference some wind makes!..

Footnote: we still have one pre-loved Weta that needs to go to a racing home and then... The foiling Weta is about the resurface!.. Let us know if anyone is interested in a very fun boat!

By Team Pro Sail Asia


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