Video: Weta Trimaran Rigging Options

February 12th, 2018

The Weta Trimaran offers multiple options for powering up, or down, by simply changing how you rig the boat. Here's a few tips on using sail clew plate adjustment, Cunningham, mast rake and batten tension to gain greater control over your boat in any conditions.

So how should you rig your Weta? That depends on the conditions and your skill level. It’s not a bad idea for those new to the boat to rig for the highest winds you expect to encounter on any given day. As you gain more skill, you’ll probably find yourself rigging for the lightest air you expect to encounter, so that you’ll be able to move in the lulls. In the gusts, you’ll rely on good boat handling skills. Remember the old axiom - “ease, hike and trim.”

Do keep in mind that it is possible to have too much power. There is little to be gained from a mainsail that has to stay opened most of the time in order to dump excess power. In those situations you’re likely to go faster by being able to sheet in and still keep the boat relatively flat, so you'd rig to make less power. It’s not very hard to make good power in heavy air - the trick is not to make too much.

By Tom Kirkman

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