Wetas of Whangarei

January 14th, 2019

A sight that hasn’t been seen on the Whangarei Harbour for some time is Weta’s sailing in company.

Two local boats met up to do a bit of harbour exploring. Paul on the yellow Weta started out from Parua Bay and met up with new Weta owners Rex and Lynly on the blue boat, just outside Parua Bay in the main harbour channel. We followed the coast admiring the real estate and a couple of nice beaches for a future picnic before setting off on a fast broad reach to Darch point on the Whangarei Heads. From there Rex carried on solo as Linly left the boat for the beach where they had left the Weta trolley parked. We carried on round the point to Reotahi Bay. With a good breeze and the tide still running out we passed behind Motukaroro Island through the narrow channel and headed towards Urguharts Bay. Most of the run under gennaker; it was a double digit affair all the way across.

The water was much clearer in Urquharts and you could see the bottom. While turning for the return leg a large black shadow swam under the boat. The swish of the tail had me wondering about the thickness of Weta skin construction. I was thinking “who’s idea was this to come over here?”

The return was a close reach most of the way but a backing wind at Marsden point forced a tacking duel with wind and tide to get back around the point. From there we set course back to Parua Bay in moderately choppy conditions getting plenty wet. Rex sailed 3 quarters of the way with me but turned for home while I continued into Parua Bay. It was a great day out on the Weta’s and we’re hoping to do it again soon.

By Paul Edwardson Weta #759

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