Wetas Swarm Buggs Island

June 05th, 2019

It felt like summer at Buggs Island, VA on Memorial Day weekend, with 5 Wetas, 9 adults, 2 kids and Gizmo the Sailor Pup. With a large beachfront area on a fresh water lake that is bordered by over 850 miles of shoreline, it was the perfect venue for a Mid-Atlantic Swarm. Sailors could kick back in their lounge chairs under a shady tree or opt for a swim before heading back out to sail.

Friday the wind was up and provided great sailing conditions as the Wetas jetted around on the water. Winner, winner, chicken dinner, anyone? Supporting a local fundraiser gave the swarm a wonderful evening meal followed by beverages and a rip roaring bonfire with a view of a cloudless, starry night sky.

Saturday included more sailing as Gizmo the Sailor Pup was overjoyed to be out on the water. At times, “Pass the Pup” was played between several Wetas sailing past one another. Later that day, a delicious dinner of filet mignons and roasted lamb with all the fixin’s was served. With full bellies, everyone moved as fast as they could to the dock for a sunset pontoon ride out on the lake. If that wasn’t enough, over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go…literally hiking with a few flashlights over rocks, tree limbs, brush, and unlevel terrain. Grandmother’s house was having a soiree so loud that it beckoned us as we heard the music over a half mile away on the lake. What a Parrothead party! Words cannot describe. You had to be there to experience it!

Sunday, a father and daughter rode up on their wave runner to check out the Wetas lined up on the beach. We didn’t have to twist their arms to get back out on the water with us for their very first sail. 16 year old Brie’s eyes lit up when she said how fast she was going. She loved it! The evening was rounded out by heading to Lucky’s Grill for some fabulous BBQ and milkshakes. Back at the lake, we got dance lessons on the beach as the sun set over the horizon.

Sunday was rise and shine for the early birds to catch good wind. Two new Weta sailors were getting lessons on the helm while we sailed about 10 miles before sadly packing it in and heading home. It was unanimous, “This was the most FUN everyone ever had Weta sailing!” We can’t wait to do it again.

By Stephanie Taylor

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