WMG 2017 Charter Boats Update

July 19th, 2016

The first offer of charter boats for the WMG has closed and those who applied for charter boats have had them allocated.

To date 10 out of the 30 have been taken.

The charter offer will now be open just to overseas sailors until Sept 1 unless booked up before then. After Sept 1 they will be opened up to NZ sailors.

To date we have 33 NZ owners who will be sailing in the WMG.

The current sails and foil offer will also end on Sept 1.

Currently there are still some homes available for rent on https://www.airbnb.co.nz/s/Torbay--Auckland--New-Zealand?s_tag=bo4TGf5p

For more information on the World Masters Games and registration please visit http://www.worldmastersgames2017.co.nz/the-sports/find-your-sport/sailing/

By Roger Kitchen

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