First day of Para World Sailing equipment evaluation in Lake Garda

May 09th, 2016

Day one of the Para World Sailing equipment evaluation saw current Paralympic class sailors take to the water of Lake Garda in the first trial of the selected boats.

Launching out of Fraglia Vela Malcesine, Italy, sailors of all disabilities were welcomed to sail the proposed equipment so that they can give feedback and contribute to the selection process of new classes within Para World Sailing.

With the aim of reinstating sailing to the Paralympics of 2024, the equipment evaluation and selection is essential in choosing new equipment to move the discipline forward and broaden the appeal, participation and viewership of Para World Sailing.

How will this be achieved?

Lower costs and ease of maintenance will encourage racing and development programs in emerging nations and serve to build a strong platform for future competition. Better logistics and efficiency in shipping of equipment, lower costs for competitors and organizers, and widening the range of disabilities that can participate in the sport should further growth and development of disabled sailing world-wide.

As well as equipment, the Evaluation Working Party will also investigate possible changes to racing formats that encourage modern and fast paced stadium style racing meant to encourage media coverage and press opportunities while making sailing spectator friendly and easily understandable.

To achieve these goals, a one person "non-technical" and a two Person "non-technical" boat will be considered as substitutes for the current SKUD18 and Sonar classes in the Paralympic sailing program. Having more countries participating in future Games in all three sailing disciplines is central to the success of World Sailing's efforts for reinstatement into the Paralympic Games.

The process
Participating in the evaluation process will be a host of world class Paralympic sailing athletes who will be competing in Garda Olympic Week. The athletes are invited to sail and test the selected boats for such things as sailing capabilities, tacking, gybing, general steering and division of task load in two person boats.

On site will be two members of the Evaluation Working Party, Massimo Dighe (ITA) and Bernard Destrube (FRA) both members of the Para World Sailing Committee, and they will be joined by World Sailing Technical & Offshore Co-ordinator Norbert Marin.
The Evaluation Working Party will collect data from athletes by way of questionnaire, which is also available online and for the first time through a dedicated app, so that careful analysis of all boats can be considered from sailor ratings and critiques, to costs and safety.

A second evaluation will take place at the Regatta Center Medemblik, Netherlands from 31 May - 1 June and a thorough analysis made before World Sailing select One-Person and Two-Person boats during the Annual Conference in November of 2016.

The Boats accepted for evaluation are:

Hansa 303 (1 Person/2 Person)
Hansa Liberty (1 Person)
Rs Venture (2 person)
Weta Trimaran (1 Person/2 Person)
Windrider AS1 (1 Person)

There will be more information on the selected boats on Day 2 of the evaluation from Fraglia Vela Malcesine, Italy.

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