Twin Tiller Extension Kit Available Now

August 13th, 2020

The Weta is one of the few classes where you can sail single handed with main, jib and gennaker. The Weta is unique in the way that it can be sailed in this format by any sailor with basic skills.

The reasons that the Weta is easier to handle are:

  • - Boomless rig
    - Simple sail controls
    - Self tacking jib

We now have another simple twin tiller extension kit to make your sailing experience even easier.

With twin tiller extensions you no longer have to worry about releasing the tiller extension and throwing it over onto the other tramp as you tack and gybe. When tacking you just; push the tiller to go through the tack, release it and swap sides keeping focused on your heading. The rudder will naturally go back to its fore/aft central position ready to start on the new tack. You just need to reach back knowing that the other tiller extension will be in position for adjustment on the new tack

This system allows you more time to be observant of your heading and other boats around you.

You will find with the combination of the self tacker and twin tiller extensions, the less agile sailors will get a new lease of life and gain more confidence.

The twin tiller extension kit includes:

  • 1 x two-piece tiller extension with universal joint (two-piece makes shipping by mail possible now!)
    - 2 x stainless steel rings
    - 2m 3mm bungy
    - 1 x Round tiller adapter
    - 2 x 50mmx4mm bolts and nuts
    - 4 x round stoppers
    - New tiller end plug

Available now through your local dealer. 
By Weta HQ

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