Video: Yarra Bay ANZAC Day Regatta

June 01st, 2018

Four Wetas arrived at Yarra Bay Sailing Club overlooking Botany Bay, the container terminal and the flightpath to Sydney airport. So while it may not be the most attractive location, the water is clean and clear and the breakwater provides a great flat water sailing area. You can also drive the trailer right onto to the beach via a concrete slip and the sailing club has a club licence with a dining room.

The only problem was that the regatta which was advertised on their website wasn't happening - however, they set a course with a wing mark for the few boats that were there and we organised our own mini-Weta championship with one person starting the countdown.

The first race had Ian and Peter dicing it out for the lead with a distance back to Paul who had a similar lead over Geoff. The second race was quite different as we'd all decided it paid to hug the shoreline where there was generally more pressure. Only it didn't quite work out that way - especially for Peter.

Ian and Peter were first off the line at the pin end and slowed each other up enough so that Paul came over the top until he eventually tacked away while after forcing the others into the sheltered area near the shore. Geoff had decided to tack early and go further out but Peter tacked back in followed by Paul who got him on a port and starboard after Peter had a poor tack. Ian had managed to get away and was first around the windward mark followed by Geoff, Peter and Paul.

Peter managed to catch Geoff as they headed for the wing mark but they slowed as they neared the mark and Paul had a gust which allowed him to catch up just before the 3 boat lengths circle and obtain an overlap on Peter. Paul gybed as they entered the circle and Peter, who had gybed wide, came in at speed and tried to squeeze between Paul and the mark but Paul shut the door and so Peter was forced to tack away and round the mark after Geoff.

Paul managed to keep a slight lead heading for the leeward mark and furled the kite early to allow him to make a clean rounding - meanwhile Peter had come in hot to the mark to round ahead but failed to get his kite to wrap properly leaving it flapping in the breeze so he was forced to turn down and re-furl putting Paul back ahead - although still some distance behind Ian. Although Peter managed to get back past Geoff, Ian and then Paul finished the race ahead. The finial race had Peter getting ahead after the start which he was able to maintain for the entire race followed by Ian at some distance and then Paul and Geoff.

By Weta Class Australia

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